03.01.2013 16:47

09.12. 2012 CACIB Wels

On Sunday we made a nice trip to Wels. It was nicer when Bailey won the working class and received his first CACA in Austria. Thank you Bailey !
03.01.2013 16:43

15.12.2012 NFTR

Great news for us - Bailey passed another work exams ;-). We would like to also congratulate to Artus my Joy and Adrejka, who also passed the exams. It was cold, rainy but very nice day spent with our friends.
21.11.2012 22:19

10.11.2012 Hunting in Hlohovec

On this day we have been invited for hunting of pheasants,in Hlohovec. It was really good training for Bailey.
21.11.2012 22:10

03. -04.11. 2012 International dog show Praha

We spent a nice weekend in capital city of Czech Republic, in Praha. On Saturday we were in open class and we finished with  mark excellent 1, CAC. On Sunday we tried the champion class. Bailey was the most youngest dog in this class. We received the marked excellent.
26.08.2012 13:24

BAILEY as CLUB WINNER 2012 of International autumn working exams for hunt of small game!

We spent a four nice days  in Trusalova - on holiday with retriever. We trained and prepared for the exams. On Saturday we attended on International autumn working exams of small breeds.  There were 17 very nice, clever, working experienced retrievers. Our number was 16. Bailey worked...
15.05.2012 22:29

Bailey will be father!

Today I received very nice present. It was a call from Andrejka, which confirmed that Gracia the Dream (kennel My Joy) is pregnant! We are so happy!!!
09.05.2012 21:33

06.05.2012 National dog show Banska Bystrica

It was sunny hot and wonderfull day. Bailey received the mark excellent 1, CAC in champion class and on the end our first tittle BOB. We are very happy and proud of our Bailey :-).
09.05.2012 00:09

When we are not on shows...

When we are not on shows.. Bailey is training for working test. We spent two nice days with Andrejka and Artus and with  Slovak retriever klub in Mala nad Hronom in April.  Bailey trained with pheasants, rabbits, and dummy. On 1st May we visited our friends in Lucky . Bailey trained in...
27.03.2012 21:09

NITRADOG 24.03.& 25.03.2012

Very nice weekend spent with our friends on international dog show in Nitra. Bailey as 21 month old  was signed in champion class for both days. On saturday we received mark Excellent 4. We were very satisfied as we have very nice judge's opinion. On Sunday we changed the position from...
11.03.2012 14:17

10.03.2012 Training in Teplicky

The spring is comming and time for training has been already started. We met with our friends and enjoyed the training. Thank you Palko for the organization.

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